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External assessment test

External assessment test

With the third-party assessment test, third-party assessments can be included in the result. The third-party assessment test is based on the large symptom test in version 3.0.1. and takes a good 30 minutes.

In the Test Results section (Tests and Surveys / Account Management / Test Results) you will find an individual link. This can be passed on to one or more third parties. With this link, the third parties can each take their own third-party assessment test for this testing account. They do not need any account data for this.
The test asks who the third party was, (“partner”, “math teacher”, “derdiedas”) so that multiple outside assessment tests can be distinguished by the labels.
Under “Account test results”, the user’s own symptom test and the one or more different third-party assessment tests as well as the other tests can then be compared with each other.

This should make the test result even more accurate.

The third parties only see the result of the third-party assessment test they each took themselves, but not other third-party assessment tests or the other test results.

Version history:

3.0.1. - from 17 February 2020