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The project

The project

Welcome to

ADxS, the name of this project, is a term of art and stands for ADHD as a totality of all subtypes (ADHD-HI, ADHD-C, ADHD-I). aims to provide a systematic presentation of the medical and neurobiological contexts relevant for the understanding of ADHD. To our knowledge, the complexes “ADHD and Stress” and “ADHD and Immune System” are presented in depth for the first time in German by In doing so, also attempts to integrate new research approaches, whereby the advantage of topicality is naturally accompanied by greater uncertainty with regard to the resilience of the results.
Until the fall of 2020, there were still individual pages that did not meet the requirements for a scientific way of presentation. We hope that will consistently meet scientific requirements since 2021.

A content summary of the entire project can be found at Abstract of

The Table of contents Lists all pages (sitemap) and corresponds to the menu structure.

Naturally, not all presentations are equally interesting for all readers.
As the work is constantly changing, the project also contains quite a bit of detailed information that has not yet led to a conclusion. As is usual in scientific evaluation work, the conclusions do not take shape until some time after the details have been processed.

Considering the scope of the project and the complexity of the subject, it can be assumed that despite all efforts, some misunderstandings and errors slipped through the net.
Constructive references to scientific evidence to correct any misconceptions and to improve and supplement this side’s explanations and their accuracy are always welcome. is supported by the non-profit association ADxS e.V. since 06/01/2021.

The concept of is a completely non-commercial project.

The declared goal is a professional discussion of ADHD from a scientific point of view, whereby all topics should also remain readable for those interested in the subject. Therefore, technical terms are replaced by colloquial terms or explained by means of mouseover texts. Introductory texts should also remain understandable for beginners.

Our own opinion and our hypotheses are always marked as such.

All facts are usually linked with directly verifiable sources. In the age of fake news, verifiability of facts is of particular importance.

For many topics there are (mostly indented) in-depth explanations up to (often as fold-out texts) scientific data, facts and explanations. Occasionally, there are links to quite general sources that explain the background in a generally understandable way for those affected or for non-specialists.

The aim is to enable, for example, affected persons and physicians to exchange information about certain aspects on the basis of a jointly accessible source.

The goals of

The aim is

  • An expansion of the scientific / technical advisory board
  • An opening for technical contributions from other authors
  • An opening for presentations of dissenting opinions by expert authors, identified as such and justified
  • An inclusion of a large number of perceptual reports from affected persons. explicitly does not want to follow the concept that a contribution/chapter has to come from a single author or a closed group of authors. We believe that it promotes discussion and knowledge discovery if discussion contributions, additions (even just a few sentences), or even longer texts within a contribution are inserted by other authors (with attribution). is looking forward to

  • Professional presentations and contributions to discussions by scientists, physicians and therapists
  • Case studies from the perspective of affected persons
  • Notes, suggestions for improvement and additions
  • Other opinions with a professional justification

Scientific / technical advisory board

The scientific / professional advisory board of the project serves to avoid errors in the professional presentation and to ensure the scientific / professional level.

Scientific / technical advisory board are:

  • Dr. AnnChristin Roeber, MD, for the “Nutrition” area
  • Kirsten Brennecke, Dipl. Psych., Psychological Psychotherapist
  • Victoria Sylwester, Psychologist, MSc
  • Simon Sauer, Physiotherapist, for the area of “muscle tension”
  • Dr. Gunter Neeb, for the “Pharmacology” section

The project would be happy to welcome more experts to the advisory board.

Publication status

It is intended to make the texts of this project citable at regular intervals through fixed print runs.

Because open-access publication on the Internet is not otherwise possible, this work will not be published by a trade publisher. In order to remain citable, a printed edition will appear from time to time.

The 1st edition of this project had been published in print in german language in April 2019 under ISBN 978-939384-99-1 by Verlag MuR: Das AD(H)S Kompendium - AD(H)D als Stressregulationsstörung. In the automotive industry there is the pre-series or zero series. From this side, this would be the correct name for the state of in the form of the 1st edition (April 2019).

ADxS e.V. (non-profit association)
Ulrich Brennecke (Executive Board)