Dear reader of, please excuse the disruption. needs about $63500 in 2024. In 2023 we received donations of about $ 32200. Unfortunately, 99.8% of our readers do not donate. If everyone who reads this request makes a small contribution, our fundraising campaign for 2024 would be over after a few days. This donation request is displayed 23,000 times a week, but only 75 people donate. If you find useful, please take a minute and support with your donation. Thank you!

Since 01.06.2021 is supported by the non-profit ADxS e.V..

$18094 of $63500 - as of 2024-04-30
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Financial reports ADxS e.V

Financial reports ADxS e.V

ADxS e.V. is a recognized non-profit association.
ADxS e.V. is the sponsor of the website and the forum

in 2022, ADxS e.V. received donations amounting to around EUR 13,000.
12.eUR 400 consisted of small donations of up to EUR 100.
ADxS e.V. does not accept donations from pharmaceutical companies.

2022 were spent (rounded amounts):
225 EUR Forum
14.900 EUR website, including for:
- Conversion from Wordpress to a self-built CMS
- Publication of the English language version

Board members and other members of the association did not receive any payments.

Although the required turnover was not achieved, a voluntary cash audit was decided on and carried out.
This resulted in: “Overall, the cash management is very clearly and comprehensibly documented and flawlessly managed.”

Development of readership figures in 2022: from 17,650 unique readers / months in December 2021 to 45,500 unique readers in December 2022 from 6,844 unique readers in December 2021 to 20,000 unique readers in December 2022.

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