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1. videos

#funk: ADHD: What’s behind the TikTok hype? | STRG_F, 16.03.2023
Mention of the ADxS symptom test at minute 20:40.

Lÿne shows on TikTok the self-tests on, 16.09.22
Lÿne 易� ADHD at TikTok

Lecture by Ulrich Brennecke on the topic of ADHD, June 2022, approx. 1 1/2 hours.
Available on the Youtube channel of #MensaGoesScience, No. 44.

2. Press on

ADHD in adults, Hepatha Magazine 60, August 2022, p. 6

Uhrig (2022): ADHD: Vitamin brake for the head carousel, DocCheck, 04.08.22

Trauma as a cause of ADHD
Swiss ADHD Association, Newsletter, December 2021

Depression and dysphoria in ADHD
Swiss ADHD Association, Newsletter, December 2020

Procrastination (procrastination) with ADHD
JUVEMUS, Issue I / 2020 No. 44, page 5