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Since 01.06.2021 is supported by the non-profit ADxS e.V..

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Participate - Support

Participate - Support is supported by the non-profit organization ADxS e.V.
We would be delighted if you would like to take part and support us in helping people with ADHD.

Here are some ideas of what would be helpful.
All activities can be carried out from home.
Just send us an email to

1. Address management

ADxS. e.V. maintains a list of doctors and therapists with experience in ADHD, which currently includes around 1850 addresses in Germany, 800 in Austria and almost 300 in Switzerland.
Those affected who agree to report on their experiences with the addresses contacted will receive the 90 addresses closest to a given zip code.
In 2023 we sent more than 2700 emails, in 2024 it should be around 5,000.

1.1. Address collection

Support in the area of address collection on the Internet (crawler) would be helpful.
Programming skills or the willingness to familiarize yourself with the use of appropriate tools would be required.

1.2. Address maintenance

It would be wonderful if someone had the leisure to work through the existing address database with regard to the relevant criteria (children/adults, diagnostics yes/no).
This requires good Internet skills and the patience of a saint.
From time to time, address information that we receive should be included in the table. That might be 50 to 100 addresses a year.

2. Contributing technical texts / Technical review

Are you very familiar with a topic in the field of ADHD? Do you enjoy writing?
We welcome text contributions, corrections or additions to existing texts.

A prerequisite for text additions is a very tightly meshed reference to freely available specialist sources.
The text must be self-created and free of third-party copyrights.
You will be named as the author of your text contribution, but you can also contribute anonymously.

3. English native speakers is also available as an English-language web version. To improve the translation, we are looking for native English speakers to help us use English idiomatic expressions correctly.
Time required: from 2 hours / month

4. Online tests

4.1. Participate in ADxS online tests as a non-affected person

The online tests offered by are online screenings, not medically validated diagnostic tests.
Nevertheless, we are constantly working to improve the quality of the tests.
To do this, we need test participants who are definitely (important!) not affected by the respective disorder (ADHD, anxiety, depression, autism spectrum disorder).
It therefore helps us if you complete as many online tests as possible for disorders that definitely do not affect you and indicate this when you do so.

You can find the tests and surveys in the Test area.

4.2. Encourage non-affected people to take ADxS online tests

It would be great if you could ask friends or acquaintances to take part in our online test for those disorders (ADHD, anxiety, depression, autism spectrum disorder) that they are definitely (important!) not affected by and to indicate this when taking the test.

You can find the tests and surveys in the Test area.

4.3. Participate in SCT/CDS test as SCT/CDS diagnosed person

For the Sluggish Cognitive Tempo (SCT) / Cognitive Disengagement Syndrome (CDS) test, we are looking for participants who have a medical diagnosis of SCT / CDS.

You can find the tests and surveys in the Test area.

4.4. Take part in the ADHD medication effectiveness survey

We ask all ADHD sufferers who take or have taken ADHD medication to take part in the Medication effect survey To take part in the medication effects survey. This experience can be very helpful to other sufferers.

5. Advisory board

We welcome experts who support us with their expertise.
This can also affect a very small specialist area.

6. IT/Programming is pursuing various IT projects.

6.1. Content management using PHP/Laravel uses a self-built content management system created with the Laravel framework in PHP.
If you know how to use Laravel and would like to support us in adding to and expanding the CMS, we would be delighted to hear from you.

6.2. Web/document search with word graph / cooccurrence graph

We would like to open up the specialist information/source texts available to us by means of co-occurrence graphs (word graph/word cloud) in order to make content-related connections visible via the overall search result.
From advice on whether (and if so how) this can be implemented with existing tools to the programming of a corresponding display, everything would be welcome.

Example of a word graph

6.3. Solver application for neurophysiological processes (MATLAB?)

We would like to experiment with mapping neurophysiological processes in a solver structure.
It would be interesting to see to what extent MATLAB or another existing solver could be suitable for this. We would like to talk to someone who is familiar with MATLAB or other solver software.
Knowledge: MATLAB or other solver software.

7. Donation acquisition is supported by the non-profit organization ADxS e.V. and is financed 100% by donations.
The more donations we receive, the more offers and tools we can build for those affected.
We are looking for someone who wants to approach organizations such as health insurance companies or foundations.
For this task, experience with the acquisition of donations would be an advantage, but not a requirement.
Time required: Project-related

8. Donations

Donations help us to build new projects to provide information and support for those affected and interested is supported by the non-profit organization ADxS e.V.. Donations are therefore tax-deductible.
We do not accept donations from pharmaceutical companies.

Here you can donate.

If you would like to support us, simply send an email to
Thank you very much and see you soon :-)

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