Dear readers of, please forgive the disruption. needs about $19740 in 2023. In 2022 we received donations from third parties of about $ 13870. Unfortunately, 99.8% of our readers do not donate. If everyone who reads this request makes a small contribution, our fundraising campaign for 2023 would be over after a few days. This donation request is displayed 12,000 times a week, but only 140 people donate. If you find useful, please take a minute and support with your donation. Thank you!

Since 01.06.2021 is supported by the non-profit ADxS e.V..

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Donations operates completely non-commercially and pursues exclusively scientific interests. is supported by ADxS e.V. (non-profit association) since 01.06.2021. Donations to ADxS e.V. are tax deductible in germany. Up to 300 € the transfer voucher is sufficient as a donation receipt for tax purposes. For larger amounts ADxS e.V. issues donation receipts.

Donations to ADxS e.V. will be used to cover the costs of creating and running the website, to purchase professional literature, to cover the costs of the print edition for the purpose of citation, to give lectures or to support new projects in line with the charitable purposes of ADxS e.V: in relation to AD(HHD). The costs for for 2022 are about 12,500 €.
We want to remain independent of advertising and offer a free and open information portal and forum on the subject of ADHD.

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