Dear reader of, please excuse the disruption. needs about $63500 in 2024. In 2023 we received donations of about $ 32200. Unfortunately, 99.8% of our readers do not donate. If everyone who reads this request makes a small contribution, our fundraising campaign for 2024 would be over after a few days. This donation request is displayed 23,000 times a week, but only 75 people donate. If you find useful, please take a minute and support with your donation. Thank you!

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We would like to thank our active supporters
Sebastian, Hans-Wolfgang and team, Sven and team, W. Paul, Frank, Dogan, Ivan, Stephanie, Filip Romic, Susan, Conor, Jochen, Monika, Liss, Koffeintablette, Tanja, Tonja, Falschparker, Hibbelanna, Nono, Anders, ZappelPhilipp, Justine, Nephilim, Zoi, Beefcake, T. Heinrich, Dr. med. AnnChristin Roeber, Dipl. Psych. Kirsten Brennecke, Psych. MSc. Victoria Sylwester, Simon Sauer, Dr. Gunter Neeb, Jens Hansen, Dr. Hartmut Kaschel-Oppelt, Joachim Graf v. Königsmarck, Christian Hautmann, Dr. med. Ute Rabus, Dr. Klaus Wunderlich, Meike Schröder and many other active helpers who have made possible in this form.

We would also like to thank our many thousands of donors.
In particular, we would like to thank the following for their donations:

  • SALEM International non-profit organization
  • Dr. med. Christian Späth
  • Maren Bettermann
  • Dominik Willers
  • Sebastian Tacke, Tacke Privathotels GmbH
  • Sven Germscheid

Without you, without all of you, would not have become what it is today.
Thank you!

ADxS e. V. (non-profit association)
Ulrich Brennecke (Management Board)

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