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Advisory board

Advisory board

The scientific / technical advisory board supports the project in avoiding errors in the technical presentation and ensuring the scientific / technical level.

The scientific / technical advisory board consists of

  • Dr. med. AnnChristin Roeber
    for the “Nutrition” area
  • Kirsten Brennecke
    Dipl.-Psych., Psychological Psychotherapist
  • Simon Sauer
    Physiotherapist, for the area of “muscle tension”
  • Dr. Gunter Neeb
    for the field of “Pharmacology”
  • Dipl.-Math. Jens Hansen
    DESA, specialist in anesthesiology, intensive care and emergency medicine
  • Dr. med. Hartmut Kaschel-Oppelt
    Specialist in neurology and psychiatry, additional title psychotherapy
  • Joachim Graf v. Königsmarck
    Specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy. Practice v. Königsmarck.
  • Christian Hautmann
    Dipl.-Psych., psychotherapist in training,
  • Dr. med. Ute Rabus
    in further training as a specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy, for the field of “clinical studies” and “psychopharmacology”
  • Dr. Klaus Wunderlich
    Neuroscientist and psychological psychotherapist
  • Meike Schröder
    Dipl.-Psych., Psychological Psychotherapist

The project would be delighted to welcome more experts to the advisory board.

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