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18. Messi tendency / hoarding / not being able to throw anything away in ADHD.


18. Messi tendency / hoarding / not being able to throw anything away in ADHD.

In ADHD, the inability to throw things away and the tendency to hoard things are more pronounced than in non-hoarders. Hoarding sufferers showed ADHD traits in 40.7%, compared to 21.7% in non-hoarding sufferers.1
Hoarding was found in 20% of ADHD sufferers compared to 2% of non-affected individuals. Inattention was the most common symptom associated with hoarding, followed by depression and anxiety disorders.2 These 3 symptoms are particularly prevalent in the ADHD-I subtype.

In the symptom test (6,400 participants, as of 12/20121), hoarding correlated primarily with inattention (0.23) and organizational problems (0.23), whereas anxiety and depression were unremarkable. In addition, there was an equally strong correlation for the externalizing ADHD-HI as the internalizing ADHD-I subtype.

It should be mentioned that some ADHD sufferers develop extreme order as a coping mechanism against stimulus load increased by disorder.

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