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11. Communication problems with ADHD


11. Communication problems with ADHD

With ADHD, speech problems can occur, such as excessive talking, slurred speech and confused speech expression. The communication style is interest-focused and small talk is often perceived as boring.

11.1. Language problems with ADHD

  • Speech diarrhea, talkativeness, word overload (Logorrheapolyphrasia)1
    • Replies (e.g. e-mails) are sometimes excessive
    • Answers digress from the topic
    • Interlocutors hardly get a chance to speak (ADHD-HI subtypes)
  • Speaking quickly and indistinctly2
  • Linguistic expression often “confused”34
    • Filled breaks
    • Repetitions
    • Revisions
    • Aborted statements

11.2. Communication style with ADHD focused on interests

  • Small talk is perceived as boring2
  • Those affected quickly hyperfocus on topics that interest them2
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