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Neurophysiological correlates of thinking blocks and decision problems.


Neurophysiological correlates of thinking blocks and decision problems.

Thinking blocks occur equally in ADHD-HI and ADHD-I. Contrary to an earlier opinion, they are not subtype-specific. Decision-making problems, on the other hand, seem to occur much more frequently in ADHD-I than in ADHD.

This suggests that the two manifestations have different neurophysiological correlates.

Extremely elevated norepinephrine levels during severe stress impair the functionality of the PFC. While slightly elevated norepinephrine levels increase the ability to think, very high norepinephrine levels decrease this ability and behavioral control is transferred from the PFC to the posterior cortex.1234

The details of this can be found in Neurotransmitters during stress In the section Severe stress = severe NE/DA and cortisol elevation = decreased cognitive performance.

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