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Experimental drugs for ADHD


Experimental drugs for ADHD

In this area, we address drugs and active ingredients for which there are indications of applicability in ADHD without a sufficiently robust study situation for this, as well as drugs for ADHD that are in development.

We expressly warn against the use of these drugs without medical supervision. This also applies to those active ingredients that are not available by prescription or pharmacy. Every drug and every active ingredient that intervenes in the neurophysiological mechanisms of ADHD can have interactions or side effects that only a doctor can know about. This applies equally to herbal or other “natural” agents.

Example: St. John’s wort, which is often recommended as a “natural” preparation for depression, acts (among other things) as a serotonin reuptake inhibitor. Taking it can have significant side effects or even interfere with the effects of other, medically prescribed, medications. (St. John’s wort is unsuitable as an ADHD medication; it is mentioned because it is widely known) In the case of natural preparations that have not been pharmacologically processed, there is also the additional risk of the unknown concentration of active ingredients in the respective plants.

Nevertheless, it is important to report on these medications. The typical ADHD medications show insufficient effect or unacceptable side effects only in a small minority of ADHD sufferers. But especially for these sufferers a knowledge also of these agents is particularly important in order to discuss the possibilities therein with their physician. Likewise, these agents can be helpful as a supplement to a symptom improvement that is not yet optimal with the typical ADHD medications.

In addition, the summary of experimental drugs is of interest to specialists.

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