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Trazodone for ADHD


Trazodone for ADHD

Trazodone is an antidepressant (SARI) that is sometimes helpful as a sleep aid for ADHD.
More on this at Krause.1

  • Phenylpiperazine
  • Blockade of the 5HT2A receptors leads to an increase in dopamine in the striatum due to glutamate reduction and increases serotonergic neurotransmission via the 5-HT1A receptors
  • Low dose (up to 50 mg): 5HT2A receptor antagonist
  • Higher doses are also serotonergic and antihistaminergic. At low doses (up to 50 mg) it has no serotonergic effect.
  • Sleep-promoting in ADHD when taken in low doses (25 to 100 mg)
  • Half-life 5 to 9 hours
  • No impairment of sexual functions
  • No increase in body weight
  • Strongly inhibits α1 receptors
  • Weakly inhibits α2 and H1 receptors
  • Attenuating effect on tremor
  • Not contraindicated in glaucoma and prostate problems
  • No extrapyramidal effect (no motor restlessness)
  • No potentiation of adrenergic transmission
  • No anticholinergic activity, therefore does not have the typical side effects of tricyclic antidepressants
  • Cross effects:
    • Should not be combined with MAO inhibitors or (especially if high doses) with serotonergic medication
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