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Tipepidine for ADHD


Tipepidine for ADHD

Tipepidine (3-[di-2-thienylmethylene]-1-methylpiperidine) is a synthetic, non-opioid cough blocker (antitussive). Tipepidine increases dopamine levels in the nucleus accumbens via inhibition of GIRK channels, but without increasing motor activity or producing methamphetamine-like behavioral sensitization.
It has been used in Japan since 1959 and could be an interesting alternative to MPH and AMP due to its lack of stimulant properties.1

Tipepidine alone shows significant improvements in ADHD symptomatology.2
A placebo-based double-blind study found a beneficial effect of tipepidine given in addition to MPH.3

Tipepidine showed some promising results in improving ADHD symptoms in several Phase 2 clinical trials.4 Further studies have not yet been initiated.5

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