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Aripiprazole for ADHD


Aripiprazole for ADHD

A systematic review examined the effect of aripiprazole on ADHD. Only 2 RCTs (randomized controlled trials) were found.1 No controlled trial found efficacy of aripiprazole on ADHD symptoms. Efficacy of aripiprazole on ADHD was found only in noncontrolled trials. A very high rate of side effects was found, such as

  • Weight gain
  • Sedation
  • Headache reported.

One study compared the effects of aripiprazole and risperidone in children with ADHD and comorbid ASD.
Both drugs showed comparable improvement in ADHD symptoms without serious side effects, and aripiprazole showed a reduction in prolactin levels.2

One study found a positive effect of combination therapy of aripiprazole and methylphenidate children with comorbid DMDD and ADHD. Increased side effects were not found.3